Cretan Cuisine

Bread & Cheese & Cretan Food Vamos Apokorona, Vamos, Crete 73008, +30 28250 22190

Your tour will probably start with the Cheese Dairy Farm of two brothers - Manousos and Sifis - the most authentic cheese producers of the area. All the products are handmade using an old, all traditional process which utilizes the "kazani", the fireplace - no machinery is used.
You will defiantly remember the taste of "graviera" (hard local cheese) and "anthotiro" (soft local cheese) that you will taste at the dairy farm. Open from November until May.
Bread making takes place in Manolis Taverna, set in the mountains with beautiful surroundings. Manolis and Katerina will help you make the bread dough, work on it, and bake it in the wooden oven. Afterwards, you will taste the bread with the delicious local dishes. Manolis' family grows their own products organically and so you will learn more about the secrets of the Cretan food and diet.

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...Cooking Lessons In Vamos Vamos Apokorona, Crete 73008, Tel: +30 28250 22190

Cooking lessons in Vamos

Cooking with Koula is a "must" if you want a taste of 'real' Crete. The outside kitchen is wonderful. The hands-on approach has a lovely communal feel-all preparing the food you are about to eat. Koula has an infinite knowledge of local products and is more than generous with her knowledge and her food.

The dishes are authentic and it is great to reproduce them when back at home-brings back great holiday memories. Love it!!

Taste of Crete - Market to Table Perivoila Village, Chania Town, Crete
A fun hands-on journey through Crete's culinary traditions for food lovers and cooking enthusiasts. An insight into regional cuisine, a key element of the island's culture, this creative market-to-table activity highlights the simple, seasonal foods of Crete.
Friendly and informal, it features hands-on instruction and delicious home-cooked food. The activity is hosted in an 18th century farmhouse surrounded by organic gardens, just a short drive from Chania. The location has been selected for its character and ambiance, which makes for a perfect backdrop. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, guests discover how to prepare a number of Cretan dishes under the directions of a local cook. Those who prefer to take a less active role may choose to just relax and appreciate the atmosphere. Our fun experience culminates at the table, where together, drinking Cretan wines, we will enjoy the food and the company.