Chania Museums

Discover the historical Museums of Chania. The museums in Chania feature important archaeological findings, as well as hundreds of exhibits which outline the island’s cultural history. The town is one of the most historical cities of Crete and a top destination for culture lovers. As a result, Chania is full of museums that most of

3 Must-to-do things in Chania

Discover top things to do in Chania, one of the most fascinating places in Crete. A perfect place for summer holidays that includes breathtaking beaches, imposing landscapes and friendly people. However, Chania is a remarkable town and worth a visit any time of the year. Below you will find some unique suggestions that will make

Crete Olive Oil Tour

Join an Olive oil tour in Crete and experience the authentic flavor of the most famous fruit of the island. Drive through the scenic landscapes and villages. Discover every secret. Organic Olive oil as pure as it gets Taste organic olive oil at Astrikas Estate, in Kolymbari. It is located at one of the most

Explore: Cretan Cuisine

Cretan Cuisine means simplicity and purity of the flavors. The underlying principle behind this culture is the variation of flavors from the same ingredients and the quality. Take a Crete Food Tour An authentic Crete Food tour at Vamos, in Apokoronas Village. A tour where you will be able to see the traditional way of


Azogires is a beautiful and unique village in the mountains of Crete and referred as the “Paradise Village”. Take the half day tour and discover the history and the culture of the place. A 3-hour tour that your senses will be awaken from the beauty of the landscape. A tour to Azogires Monastery and Musem,

Anydri Gorge

Anydri Gorge is a small impressive gorge located east of Paleochora. It starts from the homonym village ending up at the beautiful beach Gyaliskari. NOTOS offers you the Bus-Transfer from Paleochora directly to the entrance of the gorge on Sundays. Contact us for more info! As soon as you arrive there, you can enjoy a

Imbros Gorge

Imbros Gorge is 8 kilometers long and runs from Imbros village down to Komitades. The walk starts gradually. The path requires walking on rock paths that are uneven so you need to wear trail shoes. The scenery in spring is beautiful with wildflowers blooming throughout the gorge.There are interesting rock formations, caves and narrow canyons.The walk takes about 3 till

Aradena Gorge

Aradena Gorge is located in the region of Sfakia. A steep gorge that runs from the southern slopes of the White Mountains to the small beach of Marmara. The walk through the gorge used to be difficult but a solid metal ladder was attached to the cliff making the passage easy.  Three years ago, a

Agia Eirini Gorge

Agia Eirini Gorge is on the way to the seaside village of Sougia. Although it is less spectacular than Samaria Gorge, it is far less crowded but very beautiful. The hike takes approximately 4 hours and can be done throughout the year. The path is improved and very easy to follow with plenty of shade. 

Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge Samaria Gorge is a National Park of Greece on the island of Crete. A major tourist attraction of the island and a World’s Biosphere Reserve. It was created by a small river running between the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) and Mountain Volakias. While some say the gorge is 18 km long, this distance